Anti Aging Perfume

ageless.jpgForget anti aging creams, therapies, and surgery, as we now have anti aging perfume. A perfume which is designed to take years off your appearance.

Ageless is a perfume created by Harvey Prince and Co with the concept of reversing the effects of ageing. With this is mind the fragrance is developed with notes of youthfulness including pink grapefruit, pomegranate, mango, jasmine and soft musk.

This perfume is said to be ‘the essence of youth’ it plays around with teenager smells of pink flowers and fruits and memories of playfulness and a younger past. However I don’t think these factors actually reduce the physical affects of aging.

I believe that this was a clever idea though up by someone. Claiming that a perfume will reduce the effects of ageing is bound to create publicity. Now days everyone wants to physically look younger, and the media has made everyone feel insecure and doubtful about naturally aging, making us believe that we must try and proceed with drastic and expensive measures to stop the effects of aging.

If you like the smell of this perfume then fair enough as it is a nice floral citrus scent, but buying this one for its anti aging effect could prove wallet damaging.

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