“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self” – Priscilla Presley

The Aesthetic Massage Manual

Since ancient times one or another form of massage or laying on of hands it has been used to heal or help the human being. For doctors of antiquity, Greek or Roman, the massage was one of the main means to relieve pain or try to heal. Homer, who lived around the ‘VIII BC, speaks in the Odyssey of massage as valid method for the recovery of the health of warriors. At the beginning of the v century BC Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote: “the doctor should have many experiences, but surely must know the art of massage.” Massage can ease the pain of an inflamed joint or convey a feeling of firmness and comfort.

How massage affects the body?

The massage affects our whole body: the nervous system, blood circulation, the muscles, the skeletal system, the hormonal system, the respiratory system, the digestive system. There are many types of massage: Swedish massage, Chinese massage, ayurvedic massage, shiatsu, bio-energetic massage, lymphatic drainage, massage reflessogeno … Depending on maneuvers, techniques and products used can choose between invigorating massage , relaxing, anti-stress. The core of the manual massage for the different effects the different purposes are:

– the pure pressure which is the manual base that gives rise to all the other;

– the rubbing, a manual which provides three different intensity pressure for drainage of the three plans: cutaneous, subcutaneous, muscular;

 the clutch, manual specifies defribosante, antiaderenziale;

the percussion or typing manual stimulant, vasodilator;

the vibration, depending on the intensity that produces sedative or stimulant. The massage, however, is definitely one of the means by now      recognized to restore the physical and mental energy.

Nail Art: Designs to Create this Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 introduces deep berry-tone nail polish shades, embellished gems and an array of sparkle dust to make our nails glisten.

Colour-block nails using darker shades such as plum purples, deep reds and elegant nudes create a sophisticated look appropriate for any occasion. Your nails will be well cared for, elegant and refined.


Do not worry so, you can apply super colorful glazes, and be not only bright, but also fashionable. Opt for shades like yellow, orange, red, or any color you prefer as long as power is on and gifts so a touch of sparkle to your hands!

Summer is almost here, seasonal changes and holiday plans, keep abreast of the news in the beauty world, and if something is missing in your tricks, run in perfumery and bought along with sunscreen what you will need to obtain a make up super trendy!

Advice for Home Hair Dying

Advice for Home Hair Dying

Dying your hair at home can be a quick and easy solution when dealing with greys, or just when you fancy a change. If you would prefer to let someone else do it for you, TH1 Hairdressers in Bangor offer professional cuts and treatments, guaranteeing you achieve the...

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