Can a Holiday Park Be Luxurious?

Can a Holiday Park Be Luxurious?

Until recently the idea of holiday parks in North Wales was not synonymous with luxury or glamorous holidays. Holiday parks were all the rage once, even for the well off, before mass access to abroad travel.

Since the idea of the best holidays has moved to images of exotic beaches in far flung corners of the globe holiday parks in North Wales became rather looked down upon.

Not anymore. Following the recession, recovery and people’s changing attitudes to fuel consumption holiday parks are becoming quite fashionable again. North Wales was once a prime location for holiday parks as there were plenty of pristine beaches, woodland and countryside topped off with lots of activities and outdoor sports facilities. They became seen as old fashioned, out of style and cheap in the wake of jet setting holidays but now that has all changed.

Holiday Parks in North Wales have taken on a very different image in recent years as their popularity has returned. Gone are the days of cheap and basic camping holiday in small caravans. Nowadays you can find holiday parks in North Wales that are more like luxury resort then a place for camping. With the surge in trends like ‘glamping’-glamorous camping and spacious, state of the art lodges holiday parks have never been so popular.

Now the best holiday parks that have jumped on the band wagon have a wide selection of holiday experiences to offer. You can still have a fairly rustic down the earth stay but now set in traditional, rustic wood lodges and cabins surrounded by natural woodland. The alternative is large holiday home that are more like fashionable apartments with the best modern features such as flat screen TVs, conservatory windows and more. It is not just the quality of the caravans and holiday homes which has improved the parks themselves have been transformed into idyllic, secluded sanctuaries where you can find hotel quality swimming pools. These can be outdoor, indoor and even heated. There are sun terraces and attached spas aplenty. Most holiday parks in North Wales now are host to their very own pub or restaurant providing food and events. Some are even well known top restaurants in their respective areas.

If you want to find luxury standard holiday parks in North Wales try searching in the Caernarfon, Snowdonia and Anglesey areas for premier holiday parks.

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