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“Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are” -Quentin Crisp

Fashion Accessories

2. Checked Shirts

Checked shirts and shirt-dresses come back into fashion each year, but often during various seasons. Autumn 2015 is seeing a huge rise in the checked-style pieces with lumberjack-style jackets, casual shirts and tie-waist dresses all hanging in the store-front windows on the high street.

4. Loafers

Who would have thought loafers would return to be in the limelight of the Autumn 2015 fashion favourites. This season designers are opting for comfort as well as style when it comes to our choice of shoes. This goes to show that sky high heels aren’t always the staple piece for any outfit.

5. The Bling Collection

Although dainty and simple jewellery is a fashion accessory you can’t go wrong with, statement jewellery has made a comeback. Sparkles, gems and striking colours are all a part of the latest jewellery must-haves.

Trends Autumn 2015: The Wardrobe Edition

1. The Cape

Autumn brings colder and darker evenings, along with the additional chill and frost during the morning’s commute to work. Cape’s are the latest must-have piece in the fashion world with checked-styles, fur-trimmed collars and the chunky knit all being apart of the newest trend arrival.

3. Suede

Warm, tan colours work perfectly for any outfit at this time of year, but the new trend of incorporating the caramel-coloured suede material into your wardrobe is all the rage. Shift dresses, high-neck vest tops and a-line skirts are just a small number of clothing articles available.


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