A study conducted by a team of nutritionists, psychological, dietitians and physicians, on behalf of the Observatory FederSalus, reveals that more and more people find themselves out of shape. According to experts, this is due to habits and inappropriate behavior for a lifestyle healthy.

Labour and pressing commitments forced more and more people not to observe behaviors and healthy lifestyle habits and adequate.In the long run, however, the consequences can be devastating for their well-being from a widespread sense of general fatigue, the onset of serious conditions.

So we’ve given shape to a Decalogue, created to promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Eat fruits and vegetables;

2. Drink water;

3. Moderating saturated fat and oil;

4. Moderate the use of salt;

5. Moderating the use of sugar;

6. Practicing sports as often as possible (remember that it is never too late to start regular physical activity);

7. A healthy lifestyle includes at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity of mild to moderate intensity;

8. In order to get more benefit it is necessary for a total of 60 minutes moderate-intensity physical activity to intense throughout the day;

9. Do not smoke;

10. Drink alcohol moderately.

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