Why attend a DBT Training Course?

Why attend a DBT Training Course?

There are many reasons why you might want just a training course dedicated to DBT. If you aren’t already aware Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy designed to treat individuals prone to react intensively in certain emotional situations. Individuals who react in this manner with severe swings of emotion are often regarded as having some form of Borderline Personality Disorder. The DBT treatment model is well regarded in the mental health industry as a successful treatment for this kind of mental behaviour. Therefore, developing DBT skills should be considered an essential. Of course, the very nature of being a practitioner means you need to keep up to date with knowledge, developments and practices; as advised by the General Medical Council.

A course that’s suitable for your practice level

Perhaps you feel that you would like more in-depth training after gaining experience, or perhaps you would proffer an introductory course to raise your awareness of the subject before deciding if it’s something you’d like to do. Furthermore, it makes sense to choose a course that is tailored to your needs. There is no one size fit’s all when it comes to learning and development.

Further knowledge and Experience

It is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge in your field. If you would like to specialise, develop your professionalism or simply want to learn, a DBT Training course is a great way to do this. Particularly, it is beneficial to take part in a course which is accredited or affiliated with an organisation which dedicates itself to treatment (such as Linehan Institute).

Starting a DBT Programme

If you are thinking of starting a DBT programme you’ll need to be familiar with the multiple treatment modalities which your client can benefit from. Not only will you understand the modules but you will also receive skills training to implement the treatment correctly.


It offers the opportunity to get to know other professionals who are looking to grow their understanding in the field. As with any specialised field, meeting other professionals can prove to be a rare occasion and getting to know others could be of great benefit in the future.