Top 10 Jumbo Hair Style DIY Tips

Top 10 Jumbo Hair Style DIY Tips

Big hair is back for 2014! Forget all that smooth and sleek nonsense that dominated every product and advert a couple of years ago and pop your hair straighteners in the attic to make room for all the big hair equipment you are going to need from your local hair salon in Bangor.

This season it is all about going vintage and retro. Retro gear and vintage clothes have never been more popular. All the fashion magazines and shops are filled with bright colours, harlequin prints, big shoulder padded jackets, Mary Jane shoes, girdles and more frilled 50s skirts than you can handle. You are going to need some big hair to match that skirt and here are the ten best jumbo DIY hair tips to help you pump up at that hair to the maximum.

Preparation Tip – First off blow drying and hairspray have never been so important. We recommend using some serious volume boosting hair prep products before you blow dry such as Lee Stafford’s ‘Big Fat Root Boost Mousse’ or Phil Smith’s ‘Big It Up’ but all top salons are bringing out their own ranges of serious ‘volumising’ sprays and mousses this season. Keep an eye for products that say big hair, extreme volume or fat hair. TH1 Hair Salon Bangor have an impressive array of volumising hair products so do not be shy to ask for advice.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 1 – The Crazy Spray Attack

Nothing says 50s and 80s vintage more than hairspray. Hairspray was the go to product of choice in these eras because big hair needs maximum hold so it does not go flat. A couple of years ago, hairsprays were quite gentle normally just to give shine or a little hold – avoid these. Always go for extreme hold and products by hairdressers with a reputation for liking volume. A little Google research to find their dedication to big hair is a good plan before buying.

If you are new to big hair this is a great easy introduction style. Simply follow our preparation tip above, follow the product instructions, which are normally to apply to towel dried, mainly wet hair, concentrating on the roots and then blow dry but always read the product instructions because everyone is different. Once your hair is almost totally dry, stand up and tip your head upside down. Yes you heard us correctly, right upside down and then give it lots of super-hot and harsh blow drying action. Tip upright, give your hair a quick untangle with a curled brush (these are great brushes for volume) then back upside down you go. While upside down, this time apply plenty of extreme hold hairspray. Do not be shy, be really liberal with that hairspray. Tip upright again and lift up sections of your hair and spray the roots to give even more volume and lift, this is especially effective if you have layered hair. Then it’s time to hit the town with your new simple, straight forward big hair.

CurlsDIY Jumbo Hair Tip 2 – The Victorian Afro

This requires a lot more work but is well worth it to get the biggest, curliest hair you have ever seen! You may need a friend’s help.

You will need some strips of cotton, ripping up an old pillowcase or two is a cheap and easy way to get this. Take thin sections of your hair and individually start wrapping your hair around the middle of your cotton strip. Role upward toward the scalp and then tie a knot around the wrap. Continue in thin sections and try to create layers of wraps until your whole head is wrapped up. This is how the Victorians curled their hair hence the style’s name. Google Victorian curling to get visual tips.
If you thought that was hard work here comes the really tough bit – you have to sleep in it. That is right; you must sleep with all that on your head. It is doable if a little uncomfortable the first time but well worth it for the rewards. The next morning unwrap your curls. They will be tight as Victorian curls were. Now if you are going to a Victorian fancy dress party at this stage you would put your hair up in clips but we are going for the jumbo hair look so take a very wide toothed comb. Gently comb your hair, teasing out the knots. The result is that your hair explodes into a large ball of frizz, almost reminiscent of the popular 70s afro. Add a little spray to give it day long hold. Other benefits of this hair, apart from being amazing and enormous, are that you can use it as a pillow if you get sleepy.

glamorous curlsDIY Jumbo Hair Tip 3 – Glamorous Rings

There are many ways to give big curls but for that sultry, glamorous, flowing ringlets you need a set of ceramic rollers with heating box. BaByliss do a great version of these. These are equipment every hair catwalk hair stylist is familiar with. Yes, it takes time and patience but you will look like a true glamourpuss. So heat your rollers in their case on maximum heat for the curliest and biggest results. Once they are very hot roll your hair up to the scalp in sections using the lava hot rollers. Thinner sections make tighter curls and thicker sections make bigger individual curls. Try not to burn your fingers too much but if your scalp is not boiling and suffering a little then you are not doing it right. No pain no gain. You must be patient. We do not recommend sleeping in these but be sure to pop them in first thing in the morning before your makeup and clothes and take them out at the last possible moment. Finish with plenty of hairspray to hold. Heated curls go flat the fastest compared to the Victorian curl method so do not be stingy with that spray.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 4 – The Tumbling Waterfall

Really, this is two styles in one. To begin with follow tip 2 or 3 depending on the type of curl you want. Once you have your glamorous rings or fuzzy Victorian afro use bobby pins, clips or, if your prefer, sparking combs and decorative clips, to put up most of your hair to create the big shapes. You will need a mammoth amount of clips if you have thick hair. Leave one or two thick strands of curls tumbling down near your face to create the sexy tumbling waterfall effect. This style is always a big hit.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 5 – The 80s Crimp

The Crimper, it is the hair straighteners’ crazy cousin. Crimping was at its height in popularity during the 80s and now thanks to manufacturers like Lee Stafford and Babyliss, it is making a huge comeback this year. This is great because it is big hair that looks very natural. Ever wanted naturally curly, voluminous hair? This is the way to get it. Some lucky souls are born with natural tight curls and some have them in adorable wiggles all the way down their locks. If you love the wiggly look, crimpers are the way to go and it is as easy as straightening except you have to hold in place a bit longer with a hot object near your face. The best thing about crimping is you can buy different removable and attachable settings with different distance crimps for different effects. As always, add spray to hold after.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 6 – The Backward Brush

Made famous by the likes of Russell Brand. We recommend heading to a professional for this one the first time and asking for as many tips as possible so you can replicate it at home without snapping your hair. First comb your hair quite straight and sleek. That may seem like contrary advice to volume but give us a chance, you will not regret it. You may even want to quickly fetch your attic bound hair straighteners just to make sure your hair is properly smoothened out to begin. Then take sections of your hair, lift the section vertically into the air and from about a quarter to a half way down from your scalp you want to comb backwards. Yes you need to gently comb little by little backward towards the scalp against the grain of natural hair growth. The end result once you have completed this with every section is the ultimate big volume roots. Your hair literally stands away from the scalp. Warning, as any professional hairdresser will tell you, you must use this tip sparingly. This technique is bad for the health of your hair so only do on special occasions.

fairy curlsDIY Jumbo Hair Tip 7 – Fairy Curls

You are probably already familiar with the traditional curling wand. It is still the best way to get delicate, slim winding curls. The more curls you add in layers and the more mousse prep and spray you use at the end the bigger and better this look will be. Every curling wand is slightly different and each produces a different shaped curl. For a collection of delicate curls that last and can be built up into a big hair do, we recommend using a curling wand with the added feature of a squeeze hold to really press the heat into those winding locks.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 8 – Big Beach Head

This is the perfect jumbo hairstyle for the summer months and it is so easy to achieve. To get the perfect windblown beach babe hair look you will need a salt spray. Salt sprays try to emulate the effect of being at the beach i.e. lots of salty air and water blowing through your hair. Ultra and Schwarzkopf do some amazing salt sprays. Instead of using a volume mousse on your damp hair use a salt spray. Do not just spray the roots but really work it in the end then blow dry on a low setting slowly to copy the effect of the sea air. Tipping your head upside down, flipping your hair about and scrunching it in your hand all add to the effect of big beach hair. Add a little spray to hold but keep it easy and natural.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 9 – The Rock Chick

This style involves a lot of products. Firstly follow our prep instructions with a top volumising mousse and blow dry your hair upside down for maximum volume. Now it is time to get messy with an extreme hold hair wax. We recommend using a product designed for men. Unfortunately, because there is the tendency for a greater number of men to have short and spiked hair, stylists tend to design men’s hair gel and wax with more hold than women’s products. Gels and waxes aimed at a female audience are few and far between, the ones that do exist tend to be unisex and have less hold. Purely women’s hair wax tends to be all about texturizing not extreme hold so be sure to go for a men’s matte hair wax. Make extra sure you choose a matte hair wax for this style, not a wet look gel. That is essential. Bedhead does a good range. Rub a generous amount of hair wax, just under a palm sized ball, all over you palms and fingers. Then comes the sticky part. You need to start grabbing parts of your hair all over. Really get scrunching making it knotty, messy and wild. You are aiming for a true 80s rock god style do so do not worry about being neat (never try to brush this out, always wash it out in the shower because the amount of product you are using would rip your hair out if you tried the simple brush out technique.) After lots of hair scrunching you need to once again, yes you guessed it, tip your head upside-down. Do not be afraid to shake your hair about as like a true rock fan and then, while upside down apply an extreme amount of hair spray focusing on all of your hair, including lifting to get at the roots. Once you are right side up again do a bit more hair scrunching. This is for those who are serious about big 80s hair and is not for the faint hearted.

DIY Jumbo Hair Tip 10 – Accessorise

At the end of the day your hair can only go so big, you have a finite amount of hair. So what is the solution? Add more hair of course. Semi permanent extensions can be added to your head by your local hair salon. TH1 Hair salon Bangor are specialists at this technique. If you want a purely DIY job then by clip in hair. The advantage of clip in hair is you can buy as much as you want, take it out after and keep it for next time. You can buy multi coloured hair and why stop at hair. The latest and greatest big hair product on the market is the ‘Hair Fall’. Literally a waterfall of hair extensions, braid, beads, feathers and whatever else you can think of. The true answer to extreme jumbo hair.

We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 jumbo hair tips and are eager to try them out.

Bonus Style Tips! We could not resist adding just one more for you. As we all know when you are getting ready for work in the morning you just do not have time for all these extravagant hair styles. If you have a special meeting or just want to look your best and avoid flat hair without being late try this quick and easy tip for adding just a bit of boosted volume to your roots. After showering add a volume mousse from our preparation instruction, blow dry and then add a few simple, cold Velcro hair rollers to a thin top layer of hair in sections around your crown. This works best for layered hair. Do your makeup and get ready with the rollers in then quickly pull them out at the end and run a comb through the boosted section for a bit of extra puffy hair volume on top. This only adds about 15 minutes maximum to your getting ready process before work but just adds that little extra oomph to your hair.

Remember not to stand near any candles or lighters with all that hair spray!

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