Advice for Home Hair Dying

Advice for Home Hair Dying

Dying your hair at home can be a quick and easy solution when dealing with greys, or just when you fancy a change. If you would prefer to let someone else do it for you, TH1 Hairdressers in Bangor offer professional cuts and treatments, guaranteeing you achieve the exact colour change you’ve been after.

Dying your hair too often or incorrectly can cause damage to your hair and scalp, so it’s best to visit a professional stylist when you want to change your look. Letting a professional take care of your hair ensures that you won’t be left disappointed with the results.

However, if you are confident that you want to dye your hair at home, here are some tips to ensure that it is done safely and without disappointment.

Is your change permanent?

HairdressersHair dyes come in two forms, permanent and semi-permanent. Semi-permanent dye is a great option if you want to try out a colour to see if it suits you before committing to permanent, as it gradually washes out over a period of months. If you have naturally dark hair, a semi-permanent light colour is unlikely to make much of a difference to your shade, as this type of dye is not strong enough to lift out colours.

As the name suggests, permanent dye will not wash out. However, some permanent dye colours can become dull over time, requiring specialised shampoo or a re-dying. Permanent dye is a good option if you’ve had the hair colour before and already know that it suits your complexion and style.

Be Realistic

Transforming from a dark brunette to a pale, ashy blonde will not happen successfully from one box of home hair dye. Bleaching is necessary to remove the red undertones that all brown shades contain, however this can cause extensive damage to your hair and scalp if done incorrectly or too oftenBleaching.

After bleaching, an ash tone is required on top to remove undesirable yellow and orange tones that are produced from bleaching. Becoming a light shade is a long process, and you should not expect to have the colour you want overnight.

Dying from blonde to brown is much easier, however initially your hair may be much darker than you aimed for. Usually, this will fade over time, even with permanent dye.

Hair dye boxes offer an example of what your hair will look like after dying, depending on your initial shade. These guides should be taken with a pinch of salt, as they can often lead to disappointment.

Try before you Dye

If you know you are allergic to certain chemicals, always make sure to check allergens when buying hair dye.

Before dying your hair, you should do a ‘patch test’, which involves adding a small amount of the dye to sensitive areas of your skin, such as the area behind your ears.  You can also test the dye on a few strands of hair before dying your whole head, to ensure that your hair turns to the colour you’re aiming for.

Always use plastic gloves when dying your hair, and do not leave the dye in for longer than is recommended on the box.

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