Kylie Minogue Inverse

kylieinverseKylie Minogue is set to launch her first fragrance for men Inverse. The fragrance is to be released in august 2009 and is aimed to represent opposites. The fragrance designed for all types of men, ‘Two facets, one scent’.

Kylie has chosen her very own model man Andres Velencoso to front her new fragrance, and in the campaign he is seen both clothed and un-clothed representing that this fragrance can be worn during the day and night. The advert is sexy and powerful in black and white and shows Kylie and Andres Velencoso looking very attractive together moving slowly and seductively.

Kylie has made a great move creating a perfume for all her male fans out there, after releasing many fragrances for women, and a lot of men will be waiting for this in the shops. The notes of this fragrance are lavender, coriander, pepper, cinnamon, mandarin, nutmeg, tonka, and heliotrope. The fragrance is sweet but spicy, soft but strong, and sexy, and is designed to be worn by all types of personalities.

Inverse is presented in a neat bottle. It’s simple yet masculine, again concentrating on opposites. The bottle has a label on both sides representing light and dark a contrast of each other. The bottle is opaque revealing the lavender coloured fragrance, which adds a little extra to its sleek design. Inverse will be available in EDT 50ml. The world will look forward to smelling this one.


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