Reese Witherspoon Launches Her New Perfume

reese_witherspoon.jpgReese Witherspoon is the latest celebrity to launch her own perfume. The legally blonde star is already Avon’s celebrity face is teaming up with Avon’s scent experts to create her own independent fragrance.

The fragrance takes inspirations from her early childhood and will have notes of gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. These are the scents which Reese remembers from her early childhood in Tennessee. She had a beautiful yard, with a huge magnolia tree, that would blossom and gracefully fall every year. This is where the fragrance ‘In Bloom’ comes from. Reese has also said that the fragrance is a reflection of her life at the moment, as she feels strong, independent, and very happy.

The fragrance is due for launch in November and Reese is said to very excited about her latest venture, and is happy that her new fragrance captures all the feelings and memories she wanted to portray.

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