TH1 Hairdressers and Beauty Salon Bangor

TH1 Hairdressers and Beauty Salon Bangor

So here on bopnews we write about perfume news, perfume reviews, perfume tips and anything perfume related which we think you may be interested in. Perfume is applied to the most pristine people who want to make a good impression. People who wear perfume are proud of there appearance, and also like the thought of impressing others around them with beautiful smells of nature, memories and flowers.

You wouldn’t expect someone with disregard towards there looks and appearance to douse themselves in perfume in attempt to create a good impression, as up mostly the initial physical appearance of a person makes the first impression. So when applying your perfume, make sure you’re applying it to your best. Today I would like to share with you all a beauty salon and hairdressers which are known for transforming their customers to feel beautiful, both inside and out, perfect for the final squirt of perfume, to complete your look.

TH1 Hairdressers Bangor North Wales, is a perfect place for a relaxing visit, within North Wales’ beautiful scenery and relaxing activities.TH1 Hairdressing is based within a beautiful restored Welsh Chapel creating a relaxing atmosphere for its customers.

Th1 Hairdressing is also a bangor beauty salon and together they offer a large and top of the range treatments which are top of the range. They offer

•    Up to date treatments using top suppliers K.M.S, Paul Mitchell, GHD, and Nioxin
•    Top of the range Re-Styles and cuts provided by hairdressing artists
•    Colour Treatments- high lights, low lights, foils, slices, re-touching, colour correction, roots and full head
•    Hair Texture- waving, tight curls, spirals, and slight waves
•    Hair Treatment NANOMAX a rare treatment which will restore your hair to its natural beauty.
•    Body treatments- exotic treatments, anti-aging facials, skin facials, eye treatments, Caci treatments, electrolysis, make-up and self tanning, pamper packages, and also treatments for young women
•    TH1 beauty salon also offers its customers a paper day on Mondays.

After you have visited this contemporary and inspiring hairdressers and beauty salon you will feel and look fantastic, creating the perfect canvas for applying your perfume.

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