The scent of seduction with a hint of flamed grill beef!

Burger King… yes that’s right Burger King have launched a new perfume called FLAME.

Flame was launched yesterday; with there own naked celebrity Piers Morgan. The hunky Britain’s got talent judge stripped for the ad, revealing (probably someone else’s) his muscular body with nothing but a velvet robe tied around his waist.

The fast food restaurant joined with Selfridges to sell Flame for as little as £4.99, making this the cheapest celebrity perfume out there.

The ad campaign was revealed in Selfridges in London yesterday, and will be sold in both Selfridges and Red5 shops. Burger King will be presenting large cut outs of Piers Morgan holding the fragrance Flame within 19 of their restaurants. Hummm so if you wanted to, you could go and get a picture taken with him?

The scent is said to have gained a mixed reaction from the public (surprisingly) some are quick to detest it, while others are strangely attracted to it. Flame is said to make the wearer seem more masculine, with its subtle hint of flame grilled meat.

Personally I think it would be best to smell this one without knowing the brand name behind it. I think it would be difficult to like it after you’ve heard it’s a Burger Kings very own fragrance, aiming to make men more masculine by wearing a scent with a hint of flamed grill meat. After all if you want to choose a perfume that smells like a shop you admire, I can be quite sure that a fast food burger restaurant would not be top of your list!

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