Where Teddy Bears came from and why they are still important today

Where Teddy Bears came from and why they are still important today

teddy bear Teddy bears are famously our best friends. They are the ones that are always there for us whenever we need a cuddle. Did you know, teddy bears came about following the former United States President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear whilst on a hunting trip.

After this trip, Morris Michtom was then inspired to produce a cute cuddly bear that he named ‘Teddy’s Bear’. Around the same time, German Toy Company Steiff had also begun manufacturing these stuffed bears. These two happenings combined created what we know today as Teddy Bears.

The love affair between us and our teddy bears don’t always stop as we reach adulthood. It is very common for us to continue collecting and keeping our teddy bears and in fact, a Travelodge survey discovered that up to 35% of British adults still take their bears to bed with them. This figure represented mainly women, who said that they kept the same teddy bears from childhood, as well as valued those that they have been gifted during adulthood. Possibly more interestingly, up to 25% of British businessmen admitted that they like to take teddy bears away on business trips with them.

Taking teddy bears with you when you go away, and cuddling them when you go to bed sometimes is proven to be therapeutic. Psychologically, teddy bears are a reminder of our innocent, care free childhoods and of all of the loved ones close to us that have purchased a bear for us. Psychologist Corrine Sweet says that stroking and cuddling teddy bears ‘evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort. It is human nature to crave such feelings from childhood to adult life’. As a result from such findings, teddy bears are commonly given to trauma victims and that there is considerable comfort drawn from cuddling, naming and talking teddy bears. Various police, fire and paramedic departments are routinely issued with teddy bears to give out to traumatised children.

Teddy bears old and new will play a part in our lives. Whether you are totally over it or still absolutely adore cuddly friends, gifting a friend, family member or child a build a bear custom bear package will make their day, allowing them to dress them exactly how they wish to do so. The range of build a bear outfits and teddy bear clothing available will keep your teddy refreshed and ready for all occasions.

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